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Trend Radar is an easy to use Atlassian Cloud app, which helps you to identify your future business opportunities and risks as visualized within trend radars. The purpose of this tool is to support and inspire executives as well as engineers within their innovation management. Trend Radar let you share the knowledge and experience in technologies, which is available in your corporate, with your colleagues.

Primarily, the tool visualizes a set of technologies with their so-called ring assessment. These assessments are based on the following semantics:

  • Adopt: Technologies in this ring are widely spread in the corporate and broadly available as skill, people are mostly confident in. If new internal or external projects in these technology fields arise, they can be served easily and in large scale. Commonly, these technologies are used in productive environment or offered as service or expertise to clients with low risks.

  • Trial: Technologies that were assessed successfully and are seen to be promising for future project work. First serious usage confirmed the strategic assumption and more effort in these fields are planned to be undertaken. In contrast to already ADOPTED technologies, only some engineers have gained knowledge in these technologies, which will be gradually passed on within the company. Consequently, the risk in using these technologies in projects is slightly riskier.

  • Assess: Technologies are marked as being promising for the future with clearly identified potential for the corporate. Investments in these directions are seen as being worthful and with a positive impact for the corporate. However, the risks are much higher as these technologies are often new and not battle-proven with much experience or expertise in the organization. Some engineers will have knowledge in these technologies and started to promote it. Existing work, however, has not yet went beyond prototyping efforts.

  • Hold: Technologies in this ring are treated as not being recommended for projects. They are seen as not (yet) worth to invest in. This assessment might change in the future, but currently, it is decided to not hold on them.

This assessment of existing or novel technologies visualized as a Trend Radar help you to identify business potentials and make trends in the constantly changing fields of technologies always visible for your decision-making processes. Ultimately, the resulting technology landscape provides a platform to consolidate organizational assets in technologies and reflect on technology decisions. The Trend Radar consequently supports in decision making processes by leading the focus to promising technologies, people in the organization should pay attention to and invest their time in.






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