Status-Sync for JIRA


In most projects, the structure of issues is hierarchical. For example, you have an EPIC with many underlying user stories. In most cases, these issues have different issue types that have their own workflows and statuses.

Issues in higher hierarchy levels are more general, while those in lower hierarchy levels are more fine-grained. However, there are times when it may be necessary to synchronize statuses of different issue levels. A manual approach is error-prone and not particularly efficient, while status sync provides automated status synchronization in various scenarios:

  • Scenario A: Automatically sets the status of an EPIC to "in progress" when the first user story is started
  • Scenario B: Automatically sets the status of an EPIC to "is developed" as soon as all user stories are completed
  • Scenario C: Automatically sets the status of all user stories to "cancelled" when the associated EPIC is set to "cancelled".
  • Many more scenarios are possible to automatically trigger status changes of one or more issues of different hierarchy levels: top-down and bottom-up.