After enabling Secure Login the user interface of Jira breaks because of missing CSS and JavaScript files


After installing Secure Login on Jira all styles are missing. The problem occurs with different browsers and disappears when Secure Login is deactivated again.


If the entry '/download/' is missing in the field context whitelist of the plugin configuration of Secure Login for Jira, Secure Login will block files required for displaying the user interface correctly. This effects only users who do not bypass 2FA such as those, who are not whitelisted. A system administrator has to insert the missing entry into the mentioned field context whitelist, so Jira will be displayed as usual.

Secure Login for Confluence

To protect attachments on Confluence pages '/download/' must not be present in the context whitelist field in the Secure Login for Confluence configuration. The download of CSS and JavaScript files is controlled by other paths in Confluence.