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Installation via the integrated marketplace

Accessing Universal Plugin Manager at Jira:

Click on  at the top right of the page and select Add-ons. The Atlassian Marketplace screen is loaded.

 Enter Issue History Item Remover in the search field and click on the magnifying glass. Issue History Item Remover now appears in the search results.

 Click Free trial to get a trial license or Buy now to purchase a license for Issue History Item Remover. You will be asked to log in to MyAtlassian while the Issue History Item Remover download begins. Enter your credentials and click Generate License when you are redirected to MyAtlassian. Finally, click Apply license.

Manual installation

You can also download Issue History Item Remover directly from the Atlassian Marketplace and upload it as a jar file using the Universal Plugin Manager. The documentation of the Universal Plugin Manager describes how it works. You will also find much more information about installing plugins there. If you have more questions about licensing plugins, visit the Atlassian licensing documentation. Here you will also find much more general information about plugins for Atlassian products.

If you have any problems installing Issue History Item Remover, please do not hesitate to contact us via our Service Desk. We will find a solution to your problem.


A system administrator has to click on  at the top right of the page and select Add-ons. On the left side the option "Configuration" under section "Issue History Item Remover" is available. In the configuration, system administrators can allow Jira administrators to delete history items in issues, too.

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To log deletion of history items, system administrators need to configure the log level for package "de.syracom.jira.plugins.issuehistoryitemremover" to INFO in the Jira standard configuration of logging and profiling. The log results will be written to the Jira standard log file.


Click the  and confirm the deletion afterward if so desired. 

All entries deleted from the "Change History" tab are also removed from the "Activity" tab. 

This function should only be used if it is indispensable, in order to be able to continue to trace the changes in issues. For this reason, only administrators should be authorized to do so.

Unauthorized users won‘t be able to delete posts from the change history and will not be shown the in posts of the change history.


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Data security and privacy

This app does not store any personal or business information inside of your system. For more information, please see our general Data security and privacy statement.